Register for VAT in France


Get a French VAT number

Cordiez French lawyers and solicitors
French VAT registration


As qualified French lawyers, we help overseas-registered companies and businesses obtain a VAT number in France.

  • Preparing VAT registration applications, gathering the paperwork required to submit your application
  • Filling-in the relevant application forms, issuing a French translation of the Articles of Association's relevant extracts
  • Submitting your company's VAT registration application to French Tax Authorities


Cordiez French lawyers and solicitors
French EORI number


A SIRET (EORI number) number gets allocated by the French equilvalent of the Companies House, when registering for VAT in France.

  • In addition to your business' French VAT number, we will obtain and forward you the associated French Companies House Number
  • Your business, once registered in France, is free to start trading and charging French VAT


Cordiez French lawyers and solicitors
Tax representation


Companies registered in other EU member-states, which undertake business in France, can appoint a representative

  • Our firm is available to liaise on your behalf with French VAT Authorities, as well as Customs & Excise
  • We will act as your tax representative, receive all correspondence and communicate with the French authorities